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Looking for the best Phoenix DUI lawyer? We offer several advantages.

Personalized Attention from Charlie Naegle

When you decide to work with the Naegle Law Firm, you will have the opportunity to work with a top Phoenix DUI lawyer. Charlie Naegle is a criminal defense attorney and will oversee your case.

24/7 Access and Attention

We will start working with you immediately without asking any questions. We can meet with you in jail or at the police station.

Low-Cost Top Value Representation

Our award winning representation services have no hidden fees and we will discuss all costs with you up front.


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What Clients Say?

"Charlie is the pit bull you want on your side. He is friendly, out-going, cares about his clients, and sees what he needs to do to get the job done."


Freddy P., Phoenix, AZ

"Mr. Naegle was sympathetic to our financial situation and worked with me in offering me an affordable payment plan that fit my budget."

R. Baca, Mesa, AZ

"From the moment we met Charlie to the very end of the case, he proceeded with an aggressive confidence that left us knowing we were in good hands. "


D.A. and A.A., Phoenix, AZ

Why Choose Us as Your Phoenix DUI Attorney?


We offer the experienced representation you need at an affordable cost.


The Naegle Law Firm mission is to work with clients on a personal level to give them legal representation and advocating on their behalf. We strive to bring you the best representation. You deserve to have this service at a cost that you can afford. We offer a competitive flat rate. If you cannot afford this fee in full, we can help form a payment plan. Credit cards are accepted. When you need a Phoenix DUI Attorney, we want to make sure you have the representation and service you deserve.


"You Have Constitutional Rights"


Charlie Naegle is a Phoenix DUI Attorney who is dedicated to defending people who are facing charges against them. He works aggressively to protect their rights and does his best to prevent convictions.

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Having an affordable, competitive price is important when you are looking for a Phoenix DUI Attorney. Request a quote from us and we will give you the low flat rate you expect with no hidden charges.


Investigating is a vital step in eliminating the charges  you are being faced with. We will conduct a full investigation of every case we take on so that we can find the details that will protect your rights.

Fighting Your Case

Because you will be receiving personalized representation from Charlie Naegle, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected in court by one of Phoenix’s top DUI Attorneys.

When you work with a top Phoenix DUI Attorney like Charlie Naegle, you will be treated like an individual. Your freedom and rights are worth more than money. Your case will be treated with upmost importance so that you get the representation you need. We always pride ourselves on offering stellar service and personalized representation. We want to make an effort to ensure that you receive nothing but excellence.


The Naegle Law Firm works to provide excellent representation for those who are facing criminal charges in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert and other Arizona cities. The legal process can be very draining financially, physically, and emotionally. Charlie Naegle is a Phoenix DUI Attorney who works to alleviate the burdens of the process and tries to make a difference in every case he takes on.


The Naegle Law Firm has a very strong mission to provide clients with personalized representation. They will advocate aggressively for their clients, providing them with the representation they deserve at an affordable price that they can appreciate. While our rates are very competitive, not everyone can afford the full fee upfront. That’s why we offer convenient payment plans and accept credit cards. Your Phoenix DUI Attorney will be able to make sure that you get the representation you deserve and your needs are met.


Charlie Naegle uses his experience as a Phoenix DUI defense attorney to be an aggressive advocate for his clients. His extensive trial experience has given him an established relationship with several prosecuting attorneys. This allows him to use his connections to get favorable outcomes for his clients. He has also been recognized as one of the Top 40 Trial Lawyers Under 40 in 2013. Belonging to the Top 40 Under 40 organization is by membership invitation only and shows that he has superior qualifications and leadership skills that get trial results.

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About Charlie

Charlie received his degree in law from Texas Southern University, which is located in Houston. He also received a Business bachelors degree with a minor in International Business from Western International University. He currently works as a criminal justice professor for the University of Phoenix, where he teaches others about his experiences.


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